Single Storey or Double Storey: What to choose for a Luxury Home?

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Investing in building a house is a big financial move. However, many people are ready to make such considerable investments for enjoying a better lifestyle. By the way, if you want to build a house as your rental property that will be a smart investment too. However, when it comes to deciding on home building, your choice might be swinging between a single storey and a double-storey.

Well, take no stress since the following passages can help you come to a profitable decision. So let’s check it out.

The Size & Shape of the block

The size and shape of your lot will contribute a lot in determining whether a single storey or a double-storey building will be the most suitable. If you have a larger block size, you can go for a single-storey as that could accommodate your needs of your family. However, if the block is narrow and rectangular, it will be suitable for a double-storey.

Sloped block

If your block has a steep slope to it, building a double-storey or even a triple storey will be an ideal choice. Building multiple storeys on a sloping block always allows creating a spacious home that compliments your block. Also, that means you can build various zones on different levels of your building.

Present and future requirements

At the time of designing a home, you should consider its present and future requirements. If you have a plan of living there for years to come, you need to consider the changing needs of your family. Make sure that the current design can meet the future needs of your growing family. Right on the other flip, if you want to put on sale or rent, you can consider it differently.

Consider the location

Do you have a block that has gorgeous views? If so, then adding a second storey will make the site extra impressive. Also, it will give you access to the scenery that a single storey home can’t get you.

House Zones

Do you have a plan to create a specific zone in your home but a single storey building can’t allow you that? Then you can opt for a two-storey house.

Budget is crucial

Everyone should consider the budget while building a single or double-storey building. The double-storey designs are more costly than the single-storey alternatives. However, depending on various crucial factors – the budget might vary from project to project.

Consult a luxury home builder as they can help you come to a better decision regarding home building.

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